The Council QA

The Metaverse Wizards' seal of approval

What we do

The Council is a studio in The Sandbox ecosystem that specializes in Quality Assurance consulting for official TSB content, their partners, and metaverse architects like you.

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We play games with the intention of breaking them

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We identify the sources of short and infrequent play times

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Land owners can launch with confidence

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Monetize knowing your game is working and polished

We are Sandbox staff, community leaders, and industry experts. We’ve spent thousands of hours playing, creating, and testing in this ecosystem alone. You want us supporting your team.

Meet the team

The council team member Alex Florez

Alex Florez

CEO/Creative Director

Lead Partnership Artist at The Sandbox

Voxel Guru

“Breaker of Games”

The council team member Joseph Madding

Joseph Madding


Live Content Producer

Sandbox Staff Veteran

Successful Crypto Enthusiast

The council team member Pandapops


Speedrun Playtester

VoxEdit Community Manager

Leaderboard Empress

Fastest Staff Speedrunner in TSB

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